The California Republican National Hispanic Assembly (CARNHA) is back! California has the largest Latino population in the Union, but only thirty-one percent of California Latinos consider themselves conservative. To change this, CARNHA is going out and connecting with the Latino community, showing that our values regarding family, life, religion, and success are aligned with the conservative movement. CARNHA is developing coalitions with other conservative groups throughout the state to show the people of California not all Latinos are Democrats. By working alongside the state GOP and helping to elect quality candidates who represent Conservative Latino values into office, CARNHA will help expose liberal policies that have been proven to be harmful to Hispanic/Latino communities and improve the livelihoods of our neighbors through advocacy and love of country. California has been blue long enough, and the California Republican National Hispanic Assembly aims to change that.


Eddy is the son of Mexican and Honduran immigrant parents and was born in Huntington Park, California in 1988. He is the fourth child of his five siblings but was the first born in the United States of America. Eddy is also the first in his family to graduate high school and to graduate from an American university. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 2010 from California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB). Eddy then enrolled in the Master of Arts National Security Studies program at CSUSB and graduated in 2012 with focuses on Latin America and East Asian geopolitics, and international terrorism.

In 2019, Eddy co-founded the media platform M/M Talk Media and is the host/producer of the podcast’s M/M Talk and Soy Americano. In his free time Eddy enjoys movies, reading, sports, music, and spending with family and friends.

“The Hispanic Community has been fed the big lie that HISPANICS are all liberals and Democrats. Many would tell you that to question this is to question who you are. Look at what is at the core of the Hispanic Family. Religion, life, tradition, and hard work. All these attributes are found in the conservative platform. Hispanics are naturally a conservative community. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion, and there is a choice.”



Sarah Mendoza is a third-generation Californian, second-generation American, and the elected Vice-Chair for RNHA of CA state board. She is a Field Representative within the CA State Senate and a Commissioner for the City of Lakewood. Sarah Mendoza earned an M.S in Communications from Syracuse University and a B.A. in Communications from Hofstra University. Her commitment and hard work for Hispanic Republicans throughout California began as a Director of Communications for RNHA of CA in 2020.



Since serving as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army, Marcos Zelada-Rodas has been involved with conservative activism and bringing the fight for conservative values to college campuses in Southern California. Serving as President of Turning Point USA at Mt. San Antonio College and currently at California State University, Fullerton. Marcos is a sought after public speaker and political commentator appearing on OANN, The Daily Caller, TBN, Campus Reform, and more to discuss his activism. Marcos specializes in Public Relations and has worked for a variety of candidates and initiatives. Most recently working with Richard Grennell on the Fix California team as a Public Relations and Social Media manager. 

Marcos is a lover of the outdoors and photography. He enjoys spending as much time as possible traveling and meeting new people. Marcos holds a Associates Degree in Communication from Mt. San Antonio College and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Public Relations at California State University, Fullerton. Marcos is committed to fighting for California and conservative values in the Latino community. 



Jaime Moreno is an experienced supply chain manager and community leader from Southern California. He brings a mix of experience in the private sector and non-profit leadership to the California Chapter. He first became a manager while attending college, where he learned to manage multi-million dollar accounts. He unsuccessfully ran for city council in his hometown but has since served as a board member of various non-profit organizations and public sector committees. He works to help improve the lives of the Hispanic community and the public at large in Riverside County.

Jaime is a first-generation American raised with the Conservative values of faith, family, hard work, and public service. Growing up with these values in his community, Jaime believes the Hispanic community is politically and socially more aligned with Conservatism than what they are told to believe by the large Spanish-speaking news network. In 2019 Jaime co-founded Soy Americano, a Spanish-speaking podcast focused on educating Latinos on their Conservative roots. Jaime is a graduate of Political Science & Philosophy, with a concentration in Law from U.C. Riverside. Jaime enjoys traveling, watching movies, reading, and trying new restaurants with family and friends.



For more than twenty years, John Baldwin has served our nation and helped several organizations thrive across multiple industries. Currently, working as a Senior Consultant in the defense industry, John works on improving services and programs for a wide-array of clients using advanced planning, strategic analysis, and innovative technical development. He is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), and works with local groups that provide Military-to-Civilian transition programs.

He believes in giving Veterans the resources needed to be successful following military service, and he is proud of the work he’s done to support this community. John has spent the last ten years of active duty as a Surface Warfare Officer, leading large departments through complex problems under rigid, and often challenging work environments.

John, and his wife Carole, have two adult children, and a spoiled Jack Russell Terrier named Baxter. He enjoys getting out on the water with his sailboat, SV Endeavor, which is a beautiful Catalina 27’ he’s been refitting for charity work. John holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California Polytechnic University, Pomona; forming the first 501c3 nonprofit organization of its kind in San Diego as a culmination of his graduate work there. He also holds an undergraduate in Political Science from California State University, San Bernardino. John’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment are well aligned with the Republican National Hispanic Assembly’s focus on God, Family, and Country. John remains committed to these core principles, and looks forward to broadening RNHA’s mission within the Hispanic-American community.