Michelle Sabino

Michelle Sabino is a graduate of Loma Linda University, where she majored in Speech Language Pathology, and whose area of expertise is nonverbal children with autism in the birth to 5 year old range.  Michelle is a mother, who, in 2019, began further advocating for children when legislation removed her child’s medical exemption under SB 276. Today, she serves as the Legislative Director with the San Bernardino County GOP. Over the last 2 years, she has made it her priority to disseminate educational  information through collaboration with grassroots organizations by interpreting legislative bills in a way that facilitates understanding of their impact to all Californians.



Since serving as a Military Police Officer in the United States Army, Marcos Zelada-Rodas has been involved with conservative activism and bringing the fight for conservative values to college campuses in Southern California. Serving as President of Turning Point USA at Mt. San Antonio College and currently at California State University, Fullerton. Marcos is a sought after public speaker and political commentator appearing on OANN, The Daily Caller, TBN, Campus Reform, and more to discuss his activism. Marcos specializes in Public Relations and has worked for a variety of candidates and initiatives. Most recently working with Richard Grennell on the Fix California team as a Public Relations and Social Media manager. 

Marcos is a lover of the outdoors and photography. He enjoys spending as much time as possible traveling and meeting new people. Marcos holds a Associates Degree in Communication from Mt. San Antonio College and is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Public Relations at California State University, Fullerton. Marcos is committed to fighting for California and conservative values in the Latino community. 

Email: secretary@carnha.org