Political Director- Karen Amigon

Karen is a mother who began her advocacy journey in 2019 when SB276 passed through the CA Legislature and removed medical exemptions for children like her daughter.
Karen became the Director of Operations for the International, organization Freedom Keepers United and continued her advocacy Through community programs, social media campaigns, and educational content, that empowers individuals to ask questions wisely, serve with empathy, and advocate for human rights. 
Since 2019, Karen has partnered with Organizations in California to bring awareness about the CA Legislative Process, Calls To Action and real time updates on bills that not only continue to threaten our medical freedom, but our parental rights as well. Karen is passionate about providing  activists succinct, well-researched materials, talking points and calls to action to uplift our voices ensuring our rights and freedoms. 
Karen is currently the Health Rights Director for AVFCA, and Executive Director of Stand Up CA. She has actively lobbied for bills at the state capitol and in local districts. She has been a liaison in local communities through partnering up with political candidates from School Board Trustees, CA State Assembly , Senate and Congress to bring awareness to the community members about the candidates that value their constituents. In particular the Latino Voters. Community is a pilar in her advocacy and looks forward to continuing to her journey with CA RNHA.